Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sometimes you feel like a schmuck, sometimes you don't.

Anyone interested in a copy of Psychonauts for the Xbox? The copy I had them order into Milton's Microplay should be in next week. I feel kind of bad for the guy because he can't return it and he ordered it in especially for me.

But I don't feel THAT bad because he wasn't able to give me any real assurance that it would, in fact, ever come in and he also couldn't give me the same trade-in deals that EB did.

I should just stop feeling sorry for him. He only got the one copy in and frankly I can't see him having an incredibly hard time selling it. Given that he was just selling Splinter Cell 1's for $4 a week ago and has a box at the front of the counter with games he's giving away for free, I doubt the one copy of Psychonauts will cause him to go bankrupt. But it's going to be in there sometime next week if anyone is looking for a copy.

There ya go. I don't feel bad about stiffing the guy anymore and I've done my bit of public service by telling people where to get the game. Heck, I'd almost be tempted to pick it up myself and then sell it on EBay in a few months when it's scarce... but I won't.

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