Friday, April 22, 2005

Garrett Goes Feral

Garrett has a new trick.

He roars. Then he hunts you down while you sleep.

Well, I'm sure he'll do that after he learns to walk.

But for some reason he's been roaring at me, the wall, the sky... If you can roar at it, he roars at it. It's kind of funny and he seems to enjoy doing it.

It was really funny today because he got to put it to use in a practical setting. We went out to the Early Years Centre drop-in since I didn't want to deal with him tearing the house apart for the 4th day in a row.

We were there, playing around and this kid showed up wearing a tiger costume. His mom says that he wears costumes every day of the year except for Hallowe'en, so draw your own diagnosis on this.

Garrett was fascinated by the kid. He ended up spending the better part of an hour just chasing this kid around the centre, which is no mean feat when the tiger can run and Garrett can only crawl. It was really funny. I wish I had a camera...

At least he didn't bite the kid like he bit me yesterday. He was just walking along the edge of the couch and I was sitting there watching a movie while he rambled. I looked up from Garrett to see what was going on in the movie and suddenly he bit me. Good use of teeth, poor choice of target. Sigh.

What I'm Reading: Wyrmhole (finally reading actual prose again)
What I'm Playing: Psychonauts, Jade Empire (funniest RPG of 2005), WoW
What I'm Watching: House of Flying Daggers, Romeo Must Die

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