Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Oh me oh my, the PS4 is delightful.

I went to the midnight launch last Thursday night and after about a 45 minute wait in the cold, I was able to get my mitts on the newest of the next-generation systems to hit the market.  Given that I was working all day the following day, it may not have been the wisest move to go to the midnight launch but I figure that if this generation is anything like the last one, I'll have a good 8+ year wait before the PS5 launches and at that point I'll be far too old to stand in the cold.

The only retail game I've purchased so far is Assassin's Creed 4 and what I've played is fantastic.  I did eventually enjoy AC3 last year, but it took a long time for it to sink its hooks into me and the main storyline and main character in AC3 was mediocre at best.  Given that the only part of AC3 that really stood out to me was the naval combat, I was pleasantly surprised that AC4 started with a naval combat mission, which looked phenomenal.  I'm still less than 10% complete in the game (one of these days I'll leave Havana) but I'm quite looking forward to sailing the briney deep and looting ships at sea.

All of that aside, the game that really has me addicted to the PS4 is RESOGUN, which is an absolute blast.  It's a simple, modern take on Defender from back in the day, but between the awesome sound and music design and perfectly fine-tuned difficulty, I just keep coming back for more.  One of these days I'll manage to save all of the humans on level 1!

Not to gush like a fanboy, but the last console I bought at launch was the PS2 and while I wasn't quite as excited for the new systems this time around, I am really enjoying my time with it so far and am also interested in seeing how the launch of the XBox 1 goes later this week.  I got into a bit of a Twitter spat with some guy bemoaning how disasterous the PS4 launch was and it got me wondering if I'm going to be happy if things go off without a hitch or if I'm secretly hoping for a bit of a debacle...

Either way, I'm happy that we now have consoles that are on par with modern PCs so that my beloved PC games won't have quite the number of design limitations placed on them that the last-gen systems were forcing come the last couple of years.  And given the emphasis on the indie scene, esp. with Sony, there will be a lot of neat, quirky titles for me to tinker with in the coming years... and a lot of them are being given away for free, which is even better!