Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dawn Of A Glorious New Era

At the ripe old age of 33, I have finally signed up for my very first cellular phone. And to mark this momentous occasion, I didn't get just any phone. No no no... that would be too easy.

I gots me one of THESE!

It's so beautiful...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's Like A Snow Day - With Grafitti

Well this sucks. Garrett's school was broken into last night and according to the school website and news blurb, 11 out of 19 classrooms AND the library were vandalized. Grr.

Garrett gets the day off school, which he's happy about, but now I've got to rejig our plans for the day and try to figure out what to do. Hopefully they get the mess cleaned up and the investigation completed before Thursday.

Who breaks into an elementary school anyway? Stupid kids...

[UPDATE] Looks like they caught the punks who did the dirty deed. They should be forced to clean up the mess and THEN go to jail for a while.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Get Her A Bucket!

Go over to and at the very least watch the Star Wars video. It totally brightened my day.

I'd hate to see that lady at the end of a movie that is actually sad!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

First You Get The Sugar...

I've been able to stick to my one major New Year's Resolution (it's so important it's capitalized) and have not bought a Tim Horton's coffee, donut or anything else at 'the chapel' since Dec. 31st of 2009.

I've been tempted, to be sure, but so far I've resisted the many urges to go there and have enjoyed making my own coffee, though my attempt to clear out the remaining stock of instant coffee yesterday wasn't a good idea. I mean, I have a full jar of the stuff. What was I thinking?

Anyway, last night at work one of the guys was heading out to Tim's for the nightly coffee run and he mentioned that he owed me a coffee from before the new year. Since I technically wasn't buying it, I said it was fine if he picked up a cup o' joe for me. The thrust of the resolution wasn't to cut back on my caffeine intake as much as it was to help limit the stupid amount of money I was spending there.

I have to say, after being without the wonder drug for 3 weeks, I'm not sure I'm going to be in such a rush to go back. The first sip was wonderful, to be sure, but either their two scoops of sugar are much bigger than they used to be or I've gotten used to the lesser amount that I use at home in my own coffee. The stuff tasted like syrup last night and I could barely choke it down after the initial euphoria subsided.

So I'm back to drinking my own coffee again and I think I'll be happier this way. It was nice to kind of give in (without really giving in) last night because it made me appreciate my new take on the roasted bean brew.

Now let's see if my rice cracker and tuna lunch diet sticks. Someone at work did ask if I've been 'getting trim', if I recall their words correctly. Maybe I have...

Know Thine Universe

This is really impressive. Enjoy the tour of the known universe!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Fries Are Hot

So some girl had a seizure at the local KFC and did a face plant in her bowl of poutine. Now her dad is speaking out about the company to try to get them to say, "Sorry our hot fries, cheese and gravy are hot."

I'm not entirely sure what he wants from them. He went on record saying that he didn't want 10 million dollars (insert Dr. Evil picture here) and even felt sort of responsible for allowing his daughter to go there alone. Plus it sounds like everyone responded fast to help her. It's like he's sad they didn't set up a memorial to her burnt chin when he went back there in the afternoon. Heaven forbid a business goes back to normal a few hours after a relatively minor injury happens that they had nothing to do with.

Would he sue the makers of a bike if she had a seizure and fell off and hurt herself? Bah. Idiots and whiners. Feh. Let's just all eat a bunch of room temperature food with spoons so we don't hurt ourselves.

I'm just grumpy because I worked the overnight last night and haven't eaten all day and all this talk of poutine is making me hungry. Plus I'm not in the mood for whiners who want to legislate or sue common sense and the smidgen of personal responsibility that we have left to us out of existence.

Monday, January 18, 2010

What A Relaxing Birthday

It's a good thing Julie's birthday only happens once a year. Forget about relaxing... it was fix/clean the house day today! At least we made it to Tucker's Marketplace for lunch.

Garrett and Kara both spent the afternoons cleaning their rooms (woo!) and Kara's room was emptied of all of the cartons of old clothes and actually looks like a real room instead of a warehouse. Garrett did a pretty good job of cleaning, though I now realize what a pain in the arse I was when my mom would send me to my room to clean. He spent more time playing with the long forgotten toys he'd unearth than actually cleaning.

Dear Ikea, please include screws for your wall-mounted items. Thanks!

I spent most of today either running back and forth to Home Hardware for screws for the leaf we bought for Kara to hang over her bed. The screws I found at first seemed to fit until I mounted it on the wall, at which point the thing slipped off. Then I bought the wrong type of screw (machined screws do not work well with drywall plugs) and then I had all sorts of problems with the drywall plugs afterwards. Right now, two of the four plugs are holding fast, one is completely loose in the wall and another is hanging on halfway. Of course, both of the loose plugs are at the top of the holder and the leaf is canted at a really odd angle. Ah well. Kara's happy and it doesn't look like it'll land on her head right away, so I'll fix it later this week.

And then we rearranged our kitchen this evening. It was nice to finally clear up a lot of the crap that has accumulated over the last several years and the new occasional table/counter thingy has probably increased our usable counter space by a good 150%! I look forward to being able to use it as a sideboard or prep counter.

Next year I'm going to do something simple, like installing a computer in the wall of the kitchen or the like.

Happy Birthday, Snugglebumpkinsmoochiepoo!

For the record, I've never called Julie a Snugglebumpkinsmoochiepoo and never will again. But it IS her birthday today. Woo! Hopefully we'll have a yummy lunch out with the kids and not have to deal with a sick Garrett (he was having either an earache or fever or both off and on during most of Sunday) or any more erroneous 5am wake-up calls...

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Sign Of Things To Come

I have a sneaky suspicion that I had a glimpse of Kara in about 20 years.


"Yessh... That'sh more like it..."


Ah, youth, and their precocious need to kill zombies with oversized walnuts.

Stats R Fun!

Videogame Statistics
Source: Online Education

Thursday, January 14, 2010

8 More Weeks!

Only 8 weeks left! I can't wait. The timing is awesome too, as it's a mere 10 days before my birthday.

Good Timing, Puke Fairy!

Well, in case you haven't followed my Twitter feed (I don't blame you), I was striken yesterday with whatever Julie and the kids had last week. I felt fine until about midday when I went out for lunch with one of the guys from work. After eating my delicious ravioli at Boston Pizza, I started to feel off, but chalked it up to the sauce. Sadly, it didn't go away and I spent the last 6 hours of my shift feeling like I was being stabbed in the guy with a sword.

I was able to hold it together until about 8pm last night when my body decided that it needed to reenact the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Thankfully that was the only bout that I had to suffer, though my dinner of saltine crackers and water probably helped calm the roiling seas.

I did watch all of Season 2 of the I.T. Crowd last night, which isn't good to do when your stomach is killing you. I couldn't stop laughing and it hurt so much...

Anyway, I'm home today. I'm exhausted and have a nasty headache, but otherwise feeling pretty good. I'm going to try to eat something now. We'll see how that goes. Then I'll probably spend the afternoon watching History Channel documentaries or something equally fun.

At least I managed to get sick BEFORE Julie's birthday this year.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blarf - The Sequel

In a very strange turn of events, everyone else in the house has been sick with the same bug BEFORE me.

We went out to Indigo this afternoon after I got home from work to pick up some books for the kids (thanks for the gift card, Grant & Suzie!) and after we got home, Julie started feeling sick. Well, shortly thereafter, she started BEING sick, which is a rarity for my special lady.

So she's upstairs now, resting and recuperating and quite amazingly, both Garrett AND Kara have gone to bed with minimal fighting and shenanigans. Now that three of the four of us have had this bug, I'm expecting a visit from the puke fairy sometime in the next few days. Who wants to take bets on when I'll catch the bug?

The worst part is that Julie spent the day making a really yummy pork roast and applesauce and had just finished the final preperations when she made a run for the nearest receptacle. And it was a VERY yummy pork roast.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

This About Sums Up The Week...

Sadly, I can relate to this far too well.

It's been a bit of a crazy week around these parts. We're getting back in the swing of things with going to work (not to mention that I had an insane schedule this past week) and to top things off, both Garrett and Kara have had 24-hour gastro-bugs that have left puke dripping off of things best left unpuked-upon.

Thankfully they both seem to be over the vomiting and are just a little sluggish. Julie and I have dodged whatever they've got (famous last words) and now our biggest problem is getting Kara to go to bed.

She was sleeping fine before we went to Corunna at Christmas and then her sleep schedule just went to pot. She's not napping, she is exhausted and not eating her supper but try to get her to go to sleep and you may as well be pulling down the sun. The worst part is that she'll have these feints where she goes to bed, says goodnight and seems to be heading off to dreamland, only to be destroying her room 10 minutes later. We don't want 10pm to be the new bedtime for her!

Hopefully she'll start to settle down soon. I even tried driving her around the last couple of nights and she does snooze but once we're home, she's right back in the swing of things. We don't want to be doing that every night either because it's just not feasible. Sigh.

Garrett is cooperating at least. We've been on a Lego kick of late and I just signed him up for the Lego Club magazine and we've built a few neat contraptions over the few afternoons I've been home. If nothing else, I've shown him how to build things that aren't in the instructions, which is where you have the most fun with Lego anyway. And we're trying to work more on Garrett's literacy skills. He's just being lazy and wants us to do the work of reading. I need to find a good carrot to dangle in front of him to help kick-start the reading bug.

Anyway, enjoy the comic from Wondermark. It made me smile.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

One New Year's Resolution I Can Keep!

I was thinking about my resolutions for 2010 a day or two ago for some odd reason and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that one of the biggest drains on my wallet over the past year or so isn't videogames, movies or shiny knick-nacks. Nope, I think that the recipient of most of my hard-earned cash was Tim Hortons.

I have a Tim's card that automatically refills itself to $20 when it drops below $5 and I could do this at least once a week if I wasn't careful. In order to shut off the flow of money directly into Timmies, I have resolved to make coffee at home (or at work) whenever possible and only buy coffee out if I am on the road away from town.

My usual excuse not to make coffee at home is that I'm the only coffee drinker in the house and I don't like drinking (or wasting) an entire pot, hence my runs to Timmies. Well, no more! To aid me in this venture, I picked up a new coffee maker today. It can make one or two travel mugs worth of coffee or an entire pot. Woo! And it was only $60!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

11 Wonderful Years!

It's that time of year again!

Happy anniversary, Jules! Have a safe drive home with the kids. I'm getting lonely here!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hark! A New Decade Is Upon Us... I Think...

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a good 2009 and will have an even better 2010. I've already managed to screw up writing the new date a few times this morning and it will be a while before I stop trying to put a zero in front of the year. I still haven't managed to wrap my head around the idea that the 'aughts' are over. I guess I'm one of those who didn't consider the millennium to have started until 2001, so I'm waiting until 2011 to declare the end of the first decade of the millennium.

ANYWAY, I rang in the new year a bit early with a visit from a few friends prior to heading out to work the overnight shift. We watched Star Trek on Blu-Ray and ate some yummy munchies until I had to head off to work.

At work we watched the ball drop in Times Square but it just made me sad (and kind of ill) to watch JLo prance around in that... thing... that she was wearing. Oh, and while I commend Dick Clark for hauling himself out for yet another rockin' eve, it seemed almost cruel to have him garble his way through the countdown this year.

Now to try to stay awake for the next, oh, 4 hours. I've got some more paperwork to catch up on and I might pop my head out in a bit to see if I can see that full moon we were supposed to have overnight. It was too cloudy around 1am to see anything.