Sunday, April 24, 2005

A linky A linky A linky link link

I had a couple of links I wanted to add to the site but I kept forgetting.

First off, I wanted to put a link to our church's website, if for no other reason than it's pretty slick and I like it. Plus I won't have to unearth my FTP program to access my stuff on their servers. It's got downloadable MP3's of each week's sermon, so feel free to give it a listen. Anything that Jim has preached on is usually an interesting listen.

The other link I had was to a site that I've slowly become addicted to over the last couple weeks. It's called Television Without Pity and it's awesome. It basically gives a summary of what happened on whatever show had new episodes that week. I like it because it's usually a pretty funny read and it also tends to be pretty scathing whenever it has a chance. It's also nice because I can read what happened on some shows that I have passing interest in but don't feel bothered to actually spend the hour watching that particular show.

Think of it as a cheatsheet for the watercooler. You can just read the episode recaplet and then participate in office chatter like a fully functioning member of society.

If nothing else, read the episode summaries for Lost. They're hilarious.

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