Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long, 2011. Good Morning, 2012!

So here we are at the end of an incredibly odd year. I won't say it's been a bad year for us, but I wouldn't say it has been a great year either. It has also not been a status quo kind of year. It has been incredibly odd.

I started off the year with far too many trips to the funeral home for someone who isn't in their 70s. Things got weirder on the work front as just when we were thinking things were going smoothly, multiple challenges reared their heads, not least of which was my transfer to a different home (thankfully one I'm familiar with and roughly the same distance to travel to). This has led to a rather challenging, though not altogether unpleasant, fall and I think I'll be going back to my old house ready to kick butt and take names come April.

Julie's been losing weight like nothing else, which makes me feel like I'm going to have to actually get off my butt come the new year so I can catch up... but that might involve eating a vegetable or two, so I'm not quite sold on the idea yet.

And then we've got the kids. Garrett is turning into a jock for some unknown reason (skateboards? hockey? soccer?) and Kara is reading and writing already, almost better than Garrett! They've also become local celebrities, with Kara making the front page of the local paper and both of them singing with our church choir on TV at the end of the year.

I'm sorry that the blog didn't get updated NEARLY enough this year compared to years past. I could admit that I'm just lazy, but I think the blame is mostly on Twitter's tiny shoulders. It's just a lot easier to update it periodically and by the time I sit down to do something on the blog, well, I've already dumped the contents of my brain!

Anyway, I'll try to update the blog more next year. I've got a few writing projects that have been left to rot on the vine over the past year that I need to get back to and keeping the blog going helps keep the writing bug alive!

So with all of that, we're all going to wish you a

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I'm off to finish off the year by working an overnight shift. Yippee for me!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Prince Of Peace... LIVE!

So on Monday of this week, Garrett & Kara went down to Burlington to perform with the church children's choir on 100 Huntley Street. They sang three songs and, according to Garrett, got really nasty headaches from the lights :)

They aired the first of the songs on the broadcast this morning. The kids were pretty pumped to see themselves on TV when they got home from school today!

Garrett was reduced to a floating pair of eyes and some hair for most of this song, but they fixed that by the time they taped the second song (airing later in the week/next week) so that he could actually be seen on camera. Kara, on the other hand, was front and center for all three. Too bad she looks like she's watching a cat get strangled for most of this song :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Only 2 Weeks To Go!

This is nuts. It's only 2 weeks until Christmas. What happened to the month/year?!?

We've had a few busy weekends with family Christmas parties and shopping. Thankfully we're pretty much finished with the shopping part of things (and to be honest, I haven't noticed maddening crowds compared to the last few years). Garrett has an art show to put on in a week & a half and Kara has her final dance recital next weekend.

Oh, and tomorrow they'll both be performing on 100 Huntley Street with the church children's choir. They're pretty stoked for their chance at fame and glory :)