Monday, June 28, 2010

What's The Cost Of A Tooth These Days?

Garrett lost his very first tooth today! And no, it wasn't due to a crash on his bike or because Kara finally had enough of his malarky and popped him in the mouth. Nope, he was just wiggling it at bedtime and poink! Out it came.

Not the greatest (or least gory) picture we have, but it's the best one I have on the computer right now :)

We had Garrett put the tooth in an envelope that he marked for the Tooth Fairy. I told him that she would only come after everyone was asleep. He asked if she'd come after midnight and I assured him that she probably would. Then he wouldn't go to sleep, so I told him that I was going to stay up late tonight and swipe the Tooth Fairy's purse if he didn't go to bed. He was under the covers and squinching his eyes closed faster than you could say, 'bicuspid'.

If I recall my Tooth to Cash conversion chart, the going rate is about $1 per tooth. Man, inflation really stings. I remember getting about $0.25-0.50 per tooth back in my day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back To Life... Back To Reality

Well, the meds I got on Sunday seem to be doing the trick. I took most of Monday off work and all of Tuesday but managed to work full shifts the past two days. My back is still twingy and sore but the crippling agony that I was experiencing over the weekend is essentially gone. I should be back to normal by the weekend (just in time for more work!) which is about when my pills run out.

I need to get to work doing crunches and other muscle strengthening exercises to get my core muscles in shape so I don't do anything crazy to my back again!

He's 6 Today!

Wow. Who would have thought that Garrett is already 6 years old? Where did the time go?

He had his birthday party the other day and that was a blast and today he had a fun water day at school and a little party at his babysitter's place. He also opened his presents from us and loved them. We got him a little digital camcorder and a Star Wars Force Trainer. We've had them both since around Christmas and got them for a steal, so it was nice to finally let him open them. Tomorrow we're going to go out and hunt for an SD memory card for his camera and let him have fun being a budding videographer. I'm really interested to see how the Force Trainer works. Hopefully he'll be able to hurl X-Wings out of swamps in no time :)

Thanks to everyone who sent Garrett a present and/or well wishes. He's been very happy to get the cards and presents this week.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spinal Tapped Out

Speaking of Garrett's party, I did something to my back just before we went in to golf. I'm not sure if it was a delayed reaction to sitting in our lawn chairs last night while we were at the drive-in or if it was due to my playing the Dance Dance Revolution game when Kara gave up and walked away from it, but I have been in agony since about 2pm.

I'm hoping that a good night sleep will cure what ails me because we've got some delicious plans for Father's Day but at this point in the game, it's about all I can do to shuffle around the house hunched over. Arg.

Speed Golf

Garrett's birthday party went smashingly today. He and his friends played a round of golf in about 5-10 minutes... yes, 18 holes of miniputt in about 10 minutes, tops. With 6 kids. Thankfully the people at Gopher Golf were nice enough to let them play a second time and this time they were able to take their time and it took them about 20-25 minutes.

Aside from Garrett's friend blowing out his candles, everything was perfect. I'll have pictures up from the REAL camera tomorrow but here are a couple shots from my phone.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's Garrett's Birthday... Party

Garrett's having his 6th birthday party today over in Guelph at the glow-in-the-dark miniputt. This should be... fun? We had a bit of a crazy night last night, as we went out after his Kindergarten Graduation to see Toy Story 3 and Prince Of Persia at the drive-in and didn't get home until about 2am. Toy Story 3 was phenomenal. PoP, not so much.

So the kids slept in until about 9 or so this morning, which was nice, but Garrett was already starting to get moody a few minutes ago so I'm hoping he'll have a little nap and be in a good mood this afternoon.

Typography For The Masses!

One of the areas of geekery that I'm glad I haven't been sucked into completely is that of font-geek. Typography nerds make console flame wars look like mere dustups in an alley by comparison. That said, it's fun to watch people freak out about this font or that font. There's a really funny imagined post from Comic Sans (yes, the font) over here that's worth a read... but be careful as Comic Sans has a pretty filthy mouth.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kevin Butler: Vice President Of Inspiration

The Electronic Entertainment Expo aka E3 aka Mecca For Gamers (or is that M3cc4 4 G4M3rZ?) opened yesterday. There had been a few events and press conferences over the past couple of days but yesterday was Nintendo and Sony's chance to kick Microsoft around the curb with a couple of press conferences that actually talked about games instead of everything but.

As much as I enjoyed Nintendo's presser, the highlight of the day was Kevin Butler's awesome speech at the Sony press conference. For those who don't know who Kevin Butler is, he's the "Vice President Of [blank]" in the various Playstation 3 ads of late and probably the best spokesperson for gaming to come along in a long time.

Check out the video and see why it brings a digital tear to my cybernetic eyes...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dark Roasted Waves

Every week I look forward to seeing what kind of neat collection of images Dark Roasted Blend will put out. This week's set was so neat that I had to share. Take a look at this link and be amazed at the gorgeous pictures of waves breaking at sunset. It's very cool.

Monday, June 07, 2010

How'd She Do That?

Kara was crying in her room this evening after we put her to bed. I went to take a look at her and somehow she had managed to put a tiny doll shirt on both arms and had her limbs pinned behind her back. I have NO idea how she managed to get it on one arm, let alone both... and they were almost on up to the shoulder. To put this shirt in perspective, it's probably smaller than a shirt that would go on a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Having An Animated Discussion

This is a very interesting lecture/animation that ties in a lot to what I've been studying, reading and thinking about with regards to work lately. Plus I'd love to have all lectures done this way :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Iron Willed!

Just got back from the grand opening of a new Best Buy near us. I came THIS close to picking up what would be a pretty decent gaming laptop but it was $800 and Julie had only really approved me for $500, so I relented. It wasn't easy, I tell ya!

We did get to meet Iron Man though!

And I picked up the blu-ray of 3:10 To Yuma to get me in the mood for RDR. I've never seen it, but I hear it's very good. I also ponied up a few bucks for The Good, The Bad & The Ugly's soundtrack yesterday, so I'm obviously being brainwashed in some unseemly manner.

Tonight shall see the finale of Trauma Team if I have anything to say about it. But first, I go now to throw a pork tenderloin that has been marinading in lemon and herbs for a few days on the grill. Mmm...