Monday, January 03, 2005

Tricks & Tips

So today was my 'trial run' day with Garrett to see if I could handle the job of being home with him for the day. Julie was 'not home', though she sure seemed to have lots to say all day while following Garrett & I around the house...

I think I passed. She hasn't contacted my manager to have me sent back to work... yet.

Garrett seems to have learned a new trick today too. He's been rolling over when we put him in the crib the last few days and will prop himself up.

Well, I just went in to check on him as he had been really sleepy 20 minutes or so ago and Julie put him in the crib. He was over at the far end of the crib, perpendicular to the wall and propped up on his hands, looking at me.

That's fine, I thought. Then I got a little closer.

Turns out that he's got both feet planted firmly on the wall and is PUSHING THE CRIB AWAY FROM THE WALL!

He'd push it away from the wall, then scoot back a bit so his feet would touch the wall again and push some more. One of these days I'm going to come in and find the crib in the middle of the room!

Crazy stuff.

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