Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Force is with me.

I just finished Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords mere minutes ago. I played through as on the Light side, so in a year or so I can sit down and play through as Dark. Of course, given that it took me about 62 hours to finish this one (as opposed to the 55 of the first) I won't be getting back to it for quite some time.

The game definately looks like it has a lot more to do as a Dark Force user... or maybe it's just that there are a lot more opportunities to give in and use the Dark side of the Force in this game as opposed to the first KOTOR.

I really enjoyed this game though, probably moreso than the first one. It's a lot more cerebral than the cookie-cutter light vs. dark of the first one. In this KOTOR, even when you're doing good things, you might be causing bad things to happen, and vice versa. It's a real study of the grey areas of morality.

Of course, the final 'boss' is the cheapest, most annoying boss ever. I could have had the game finished about 45 minutes earlier if I hadn't had to keep restarting every 30 seconds before I found a workaround. Sheesh.

And I'll say it again. If Lucas' prequels had even a shred of the interesting depth and imagination of the KOTOR games (or the New Jedi Order books) they'd actually be movies I could proudly say I enjoy, as opposed to having to qualify my support for them like I do with the crap he's churned out over the last few years.

It's sad when it's no longer the Star Wars games that suck, but the movies.

Now I can finish up GTA: San Andreas and Metroid Prime 2 and then actually start playing Mercenaries and Resident Evil 4. Woo!

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