Friday, January 07, 2005

Ah, litigation...

Some people will try to sue for any reason.

A guy in Cleveland is suing NBC because he was disgusted by a Fear Factor episode.

"Aitken's lawsuit argues that viewing the rats being eaten resulted in a boost in his blood pressure, which made him dizzy and light-headed.

As a result, he vomited and bumped into a doorway, "causing suffering, injury and great pain."

Give me a break. This guy says he's a regular viewer of the show, so he should know that it can get pretty gross at times. It'd be one thing if he'd never watched the show and it sent him into cardiac arrest. If you watch the show a lot, they always spend about 10 minutes before each stunt yammering about it. It's not like he couldn't have turned off the TV.

Not only that, but if watching Fear Factor is enough to send your blood pressure through the roof, methinks he should go get a new hobby, like pruning bonsai trees or bird watching.

It'd be like watching the news, seeing something upsetting and having the same reaction. Would this guy have sued the news organization? Can I sue idiots like him or the people who make crappy shows or who cancel good shows while keeping crappy ones on the air for making MY blood pressure rise and giving me a headache because I have to listen to their drivel?


Some people's kids.

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