Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sci-Fi sucks.

This is too funny.

A publisher put out a press release last year saying that authors who write sci-fi/fantasy have the bar set a lot lower, quality-wise, than 'real' authors because their stories are so far-fetched.

Of course, the Sci-Fi Writer's Guild didn't want to take this crap so they got together and intentionally wrote the worst 'real' story they could and submitted it to the publisher.

It was accepted with glowing praise and attendant fanfare.

Of course, when they revealed in a news conference that they'd intentionally written a horrid novel and it was accepted for publishing, the publisher suddenly found problems with their work.

I'm almost tempted to pick it up. I love their tagline over on the preview site.

"The world is full of bad books written by amateurs. But why settle for the merely regrettable? Atlanta Nights is a bad book written by experts."

And for sheer gut-busting hilarity, go read the preview text and the 'reviews' that were submitted.

"Maybe once in a lifetime, there comes a book with such extraordinary characters, thrilling plot twists, and uncanny insight, that it comes to embody its time. ATLANTA NIGHTS is a book."

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