Tuesday, June 30, 2009

LG Stands For Lookin' Good

Well, my car's "Service Engine Soon" light turned off after I tightened the gas cap, so that was my sign from above that it was ok to finally replace the hunk of junk monitor that was gradually blinding me.

We checked around at the local shop but their prices were far too high. So it was off to Futureshop we go! I ended up with this beauty, an LG 22" Widescreen LCD.

It fits perfectly in the cubby on the computer desk. It wasn't too rough on the wallet either. I got an open-box model for $50 less than the normal price and aside from a fingerprint on the frame of the monitor, it is in pristine condition. My eyes haven't quite adjusted to the fact that the screen is so big and doesn't look like it's smeared in vaseline. If only I could actually run games on my computer and take advantage of the real estate!

Of course, while I was busy setting up the new monitor and cleaning out the 6 inches of dust that had accumulated behind it, Garrett and Kara amused themselves with a selection of our finest markers. Sigh.

From June 2009

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