Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Gaming Weekend

This has been a very odd weekend for me. Aside from one or two short matches against Garrett with Super Mario on the DS, I haven't played any videogames since Friday evening. Of course, we had Garrett's birthday party yesterday and I essentially spent the entire day at work today, but yeah.

I'm going to go rectify this situation right now.

I guess I did finish reading Scar Night (cool book, by the way) and got to take one of the guys out to see Transformers 2 tonight, so it's not like I had an incredibly rough weekend. The kids got into the sidewalk chalk today and found out exactly what kind of gooey, colourful paste it makes when exposed to puddles... fun times.

By the way, Transformers 2 was exactly the kind of movie I wanted, nay, needed. It's absolutely mindless but it's what I had hoped the first movie would have been: lots and lots of robots punching, shooting and blowing each other up.

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