Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monitor Gremlins Strike Again!

This is sort of strange. I got home from work this afternoon and went to check my e-mail. Something wasn't quite right though... It took me a few minutes to ascertain what it was and that's when I realized that the sides of the e-mail were scrolling off the side of the monitor despite the window being maximized.

I checked to make sure the resolution was my usual and it was fine. I did some fiddling and things look sort of back to normal but there's still something a bit off. The sides of the screen are both super clear and sort of squished while the middle is normal sized and somewhat blurry.

Oh well. I've been sizing up new monitors lately and could really stand to get rid of this CRT beast and finally jump on the LCD bandwagon (it's sad that my TV is more advanced than my monitor) but I'm not sure whether to go big or go home.

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