Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Poke The Mon

I apologize for the dearth of posts of late, but I've been busy with overnight shifts and catching up on my sleep has taken a bit more of a priority than blither-blather.

That said, we did have a fun afternoon around these parts yesterday after I arose from my post-Night Awake slumber. On Saturday morning, Garrett was somehow able to finagle me into buying a Pokémon Mold Maker thingamie at a garage sale. With the relatively dismal weather yesterday, we set up shop on the kitchen table and spent most of yesterday afternoon making little floppy plastic figurines that Kara proceeded to demolish much faster than we could make them.

It's a pretty neat little system though. It's like a non-edible version of an EZ Bake oven. Now that we have a better grasp on how to make the figures, we'll try to make something that isn't just a big glob of green goop in the shape of a Pokémon.

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