Friday, January 01, 2010

Hark! A New Decade Is Upon Us... I Think...

Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone had a good 2009 and will have an even better 2010. I've already managed to screw up writing the new date a few times this morning and it will be a while before I stop trying to put a zero in front of the year. I still haven't managed to wrap my head around the idea that the 'aughts' are over. I guess I'm one of those who didn't consider the millennium to have started until 2001, so I'm waiting until 2011 to declare the end of the first decade of the millennium.

ANYWAY, I rang in the new year a bit early with a visit from a few friends prior to heading out to work the overnight shift. We watched Star Trek on Blu-Ray and ate some yummy munchies until I had to head off to work.

At work we watched the ball drop in Times Square but it just made me sad (and kind of ill) to watch JLo prance around in that... thing... that she was wearing. Oh, and while I commend Dick Clark for hauling himself out for yet another rockin' eve, it seemed almost cruel to have him garble his way through the countdown this year.

Now to try to stay awake for the next, oh, 4 hours. I've got some more paperwork to catch up on and I might pop my head out in a bit to see if I can see that full moon we were supposed to have overnight. It was too cloudy around 1am to see anything.

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