Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blarf - The Sequel

In a very strange turn of events, everyone else in the house has been sick with the same bug BEFORE me.

We went out to Indigo this afternoon after I got home from work to pick up some books for the kids (thanks for the gift card, Grant & Suzie!) and after we got home, Julie started feeling sick. Well, shortly thereafter, she started BEING sick, which is a rarity for my special lady.

So she's upstairs now, resting and recuperating and quite amazingly, both Garrett AND Kara have gone to bed with minimal fighting and shenanigans. Now that three of the four of us have had this bug, I'm expecting a visit from the puke fairy sometime in the next few days. Who wants to take bets on when I'll catch the bug?

The worst part is that Julie spent the day making a really yummy pork roast and applesauce and had just finished the final preperations when she made a run for the nearest receptacle. And it was a VERY yummy pork roast.

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