Thursday, January 21, 2010

First You Get The Sugar...

I've been able to stick to my one major New Year's Resolution (it's so important it's capitalized) and have not bought a Tim Horton's coffee, donut or anything else at 'the chapel' since Dec. 31st of 2009.

I've been tempted, to be sure, but so far I've resisted the many urges to go there and have enjoyed making my own coffee, though my attempt to clear out the remaining stock of instant coffee yesterday wasn't a good idea. I mean, I have a full jar of the stuff. What was I thinking?

Anyway, last night at work one of the guys was heading out to Tim's for the nightly coffee run and he mentioned that he owed me a coffee from before the new year. Since I technically wasn't buying it, I said it was fine if he picked up a cup o' joe for me. The thrust of the resolution wasn't to cut back on my caffeine intake as much as it was to help limit the stupid amount of money I was spending there.

I have to say, after being without the wonder drug for 3 weeks, I'm not sure I'm going to be in such a rush to go back. The first sip was wonderful, to be sure, but either their two scoops of sugar are much bigger than they used to be or I've gotten used to the lesser amount that I use at home in my own coffee. The stuff tasted like syrup last night and I could barely choke it down after the initial euphoria subsided.

So I'm back to drinking my own coffee again and I think I'll be happier this way. It was nice to kind of give in (without really giving in) last night because it made me appreciate my new take on the roasted bean brew.

Now let's see if my rice cracker and tuna lunch diet sticks. Someone at work did ask if I've been 'getting trim', if I recall their words correctly. Maybe I have...

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