Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Up In The Air... With Some Baggage

Julie & I went to see Up In The Air tonight and it was a very nice movie. Well worth the $4.75 per person we spent :)

The crowd at the theatre, on the other hand... ye gods. I've been spoiled by the nice theatres around Acton and the crowds therein.

We had a couple of people a few rows behind us who were incredulous that, yes, that IS George Clooney up there on the screen and amazingly, he's still George Clooney when he comes back on screen 4-5 minutes later. It's like they couldn't comprehend that the lead actor in a film didn't change spontaneously or something.

And then there were the rubes who read out ever location placard when it appeared on screen (which happens a LOT in this movie), much to the delight of the illiterate in the audience, but man, it just got on my nerves.

Thankfully all of these annoyances (and the awful sound, crappy seats and the booms coming from the showing of Avatar next door through 3/4s of the movie) didn't negate the fact that the movie is whip-smart, funny and endearing. I highly recommend it... just don't see it in Sarnia on cheap Tuesday.

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