Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hot Fries Are Hot

So some girl had a seizure at the local KFC and did a face plant in her bowl of poutine. Now her dad is speaking out about the company to try to get them to say, "Sorry our hot fries, cheese and gravy are hot."

I'm not entirely sure what he wants from them. He went on record saying that he didn't want 10 million dollars (insert Dr. Evil picture here) and even felt sort of responsible for allowing his daughter to go there alone. Plus it sounds like everyone responded fast to help her. It's like he's sad they didn't set up a memorial to her burnt chin when he went back there in the afternoon. Heaven forbid a business goes back to normal a few hours after a relatively minor injury happens that they had nothing to do with.

Would he sue the makers of a bike if she had a seizure and fell off and hurt herself? Bah. Idiots and whiners. Feh. Let's just all eat a bunch of room temperature food with spoons so we don't hurt ourselves.

I'm just grumpy because I worked the overnight last night and haven't eaten all day and all this talk of poutine is making me hungry. Plus I'm not in the mood for whiners who want to legislate or sue common sense and the smidgen of personal responsibility that we have left to us out of existence.

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