Saturday, January 09, 2010

This About Sums Up The Week...

Sadly, I can relate to this far too well.

It's been a bit of a crazy week around these parts. We're getting back in the swing of things with going to work (not to mention that I had an insane schedule this past week) and to top things off, both Garrett and Kara have had 24-hour gastro-bugs that have left puke dripping off of things best left unpuked-upon.

Thankfully they both seem to be over the vomiting and are just a little sluggish. Julie and I have dodged whatever they've got (famous last words) and now our biggest problem is getting Kara to go to bed.

She was sleeping fine before we went to Corunna at Christmas and then her sleep schedule just went to pot. She's not napping, she is exhausted and not eating her supper but try to get her to go to sleep and you may as well be pulling down the sun. The worst part is that she'll have these feints where she goes to bed, says goodnight and seems to be heading off to dreamland, only to be destroying her room 10 minutes later. We don't want 10pm to be the new bedtime for her!

Hopefully she'll start to settle down soon. I even tried driving her around the last couple of nights and she does snooze but once we're home, she's right back in the swing of things. We don't want to be doing that every night either because it's just not feasible. Sigh.

Garrett is cooperating at least. We've been on a Lego kick of late and I just signed him up for the Lego Club magazine and we've built a few neat contraptions over the few afternoons I've been home. If nothing else, I've shown him how to build things that aren't in the instructions, which is where you have the most fun with Lego anyway. And we're trying to work more on Garrett's literacy skills. He's just being lazy and wants us to do the work of reading. I need to find a good carrot to dangle in front of him to help kick-start the reading bug.

Anyway, enjoy the comic from Wondermark. It made me smile.

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