Monday, January 18, 2010

What A Relaxing Birthday

It's a good thing Julie's birthday only happens once a year. Forget about relaxing... it was fix/clean the house day today! At least we made it to Tucker's Marketplace for lunch.

Garrett and Kara both spent the afternoons cleaning their rooms (woo!) and Kara's room was emptied of all of the cartons of old clothes and actually looks like a real room instead of a warehouse. Garrett did a pretty good job of cleaning, though I now realize what a pain in the arse I was when my mom would send me to my room to clean. He spent more time playing with the long forgotten toys he'd unearth than actually cleaning.

Dear Ikea, please include screws for your wall-mounted items. Thanks!

I spent most of today either running back and forth to Home Hardware for screws for the leaf we bought for Kara to hang over her bed. The screws I found at first seemed to fit until I mounted it on the wall, at which point the thing slipped off. Then I bought the wrong type of screw (machined screws do not work well with drywall plugs) and then I had all sorts of problems with the drywall plugs afterwards. Right now, two of the four plugs are holding fast, one is completely loose in the wall and another is hanging on halfway. Of course, both of the loose plugs are at the top of the holder and the leaf is canted at a really odd angle. Ah well. Kara's happy and it doesn't look like it'll land on her head right away, so I'll fix it later this week.

And then we rearranged our kitchen this evening. It was nice to finally clear up a lot of the crap that has accumulated over the last several years and the new occasional table/counter thingy has probably increased our usable counter space by a good 150%! I look forward to being able to use it as a sideboard or prep counter.

Next year I'm going to do something simple, like installing a computer in the wall of the kitchen or the like.

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