Monday, April 13, 2009

Would You Prefer Ivory Or Dove?

Of course, yesterday was also the opportunity for Garrett to show off the lovely curse words he'd picked up in the playground when he was in the nursery at church.

This lovely, conservatively dressed woman and her children came in and I told Garrett to close the door (as he was trying to escape). He said (in a not so quiet voice), "No, you have to say, 'Close the f-ing door!'"... only he filled in the F... Suffice it to say, a mouth came THIS close to being washed out. Supposedly he learned that gem on the playground at school...

It didn't help that he prattled on about waterfalls of blood and dead Pokemon for the whole time that the lady was there with her kids. I think we're going to be asked not to go back next time we're in town. Sigh.

He's a good kid but I think he spends too much time with his father for his own good :P

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