Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Sorry for not updating for a few days. I've been enjoying the fact that my PC actually works again :)

So, what's new this week? It was my mom's birthday yesterday (Happy Belated Birthday, Mom!), I had to work the overnight shift at a house I don't usually work at last night (zzz) and Garrett & I hit the park for a few hours this afternoon and threw around a lightweight glider/kite thingy.

Kara's been fighting this spring cold thing that has her throwing up once every couple of days but otherwise being fine (aside from some sniffles).

I watched Marley & Me last night. Like most of the uber-cynics that I know who saw it, I was tearing up during the last 10-15 minutes. And I don't even like dogs!

And that's about it for the major updates around these parts. I've also been bitten by the 'gotta get a DSi' bug, but I've managed to stave off terminal infection this weekend, helped along greatly by a large dose of 'don't even think about it' from Julie...

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