Thursday, April 09, 2009

Send Your Pennies Here aka Charon Share Alike

Tim had a post on his blog tonight about what you get when you google your name. It had been a little while since I last indulged in this narcissistic activity, so I gave it a whirl.

The first page was just the usual things, like links to this here blog and a few other things I do related to writing about comics and videogames around the web. And for some reason, the Touring Poker Tour of Poker standings from 2005 were getting flagged after my one dismal showing.

Not much else aside from the odd UFC or Pokemon slash fiction story about other, much more famous Brocks.

Then I stumbled upon this story on the second page of results.

"Travelling back and forth across the Richmond River at Ballina 160 times a day like a latter-day Huck Finn does not drive Brock Wager around the bend."

Seems my alter-ego is a 62 (now 63) year old ferry drover down Australia way. Seems like a good chap from what I've read.

Now if only I could find the multi-millionaire who is approximately my age, weight and build and who wouldn't mind playing a hilarious prank on everyone...

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