Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Pukes!

I've been reeling from a cold or flu or ebola outbreak for the past few days, though it's probably a combination of utter exhaustion from last weekend coupled with the GI bug that has been making the rounds in Halton Hills. I've made it into work for a few hours the last two days but haven't managed to work a full shift. Heck, I slept for about 12 hours on Monday night, so I know something wasn't right.

Well, it looks like I'm no longer alone in my sickitude.

I woke up this morning at around 5:30 to Julie calling me over to Kara's room to investigate whether the stuff Kara had vomited was blood or applesauce. Thankfully it was just the purple applesauce she had for dessert last night at supper, but unthankfully, she hasn't been able to keep down as much as a sip of juice since then. It's a good thing I'm still feeling like every joint in my body has been run over by a truck and that I was planning on calling in sick today!

We knew something was up when the babysitter yesterday said that Kara had been pretty quiet all day long. That's definately not like her.

No April Fool's gags for me today, aside from trying to suppress various gag reflexes around Casa Del Wager.

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