Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter Monday!

For those lucky few who have today off (and didn't have to use a vacation day to do so), I salute you!

We had a great visit in the Greater Sarnia Area this weekend. It was kind of a whirlwind trip though, as we headed down on Friday morning and got back late last night.

The kids did the Easter In The Park thing on Saturday morning, which would have been fun if there handn't been about 3/4's of the population of Sarnia there with absolutely no rhyme or reason to what was supposed to happen. The kids seemed to enjoy the chaos though and we bumped into our friends while we were in the animal farm, so it's all good. I also inadvertantly butted in front of a line that was not small in order to put Garrett in the little lawn-tractor train ride. I didn't see the giant line that stretched back to the gates. I just saw teeming hordes milling about and an empty seat in the train car, so in Garrett went. Nobody said anything or raised a fuss, so there.

We also squeezed in a game of 5-Pin Bowling (aka The One True Pin) with my parents and the kids on Saturday. Garrett, in his usual bombast, declared, "Bowling is my favourite thing in the whole wide word. I've never been bowling."

Sunday was the usual Easter service and Easter luncheon thing with Julie's giant family. We didn't get home until late last night but the kids went right to bed and we didn't have a lot to unpack from the trip, so it was nice. I did blow out my brain reading 300 pages of the latest Pratchett Discworld book yesterday afternoon in order to give it to Julie's brother before he headed home. I don't think I've power-read a book like that in a good year or so.

Now if only I hadn't left my iPod connector cable at the Grace's...

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