Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Joose... JOOOOOSE!

After a day of not getting anything to stay in Kara for longer than 5-10 minutes and her looking just wretched, I decided to take her to the Georgetown emerg just before 4 this afternoon.

5 hours later... I just got home. Kara was given a pedialyte regimen every 10 minutes to see if things would stay down. I did get drenched once and she threw up the first time they gave her some... Zoloft? Zolon? Cubic Zirconium? I had the nurse and doctor tell me the name of the med a good 3-4 times and I can't for the life of me recall what it was...

Anyway, the first time they tried to give it to her, it came right back up but she was fine with the Pedialyte after that. We didn't get in to see the doctor again until 8pm and she took the med at that point and was fine for the next hour, with larger doses of Pedialyte. I ended up just leaving since the line at triage was pretty long at that point and I wanted to get home and change out of my pukey clothes.

So yeah. That's how I spent the afternoon. It was a struggle to keep Kara from trying to pull the bottle out of the diaper bag the whole evening, but it kept us busy. She also insisted on sleeping in the middle of the ER waiting room floor for some reason, but people were pretty good about stepping around her.

I'm so tired...

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