Monday, April 06, 2009

Falling In With A Bad Crowd

Garrett has been obsessed with Bakugan of late. They're this generation's Yu-Gi-Oh, which were the generation before that's Pokemon.

Suffice it to say, Garrett wants to dress up as a Bakugan for Halloween, get every Bakugan toy known to man for Christmas and has started to barter his Bakugan collection with the kids around the neighbourhood.

Unfortunately, this has led to Garrett becoming the disciple of one of the bigger kids who live behind us, to the point where he follows him everywhere and would probably give away his whole toy collection if the kid asked him for it.

He had already traded a small Bakugan toy the other week and that was fine with me as they were of equal value. Yesterday the big kid tried to scam Garrett by trading a small Bakugan for Garrett's BIG Bakugan (which costs about $12 to the $3 that the little one cost us) which was when we put the brakes on things. He still managed to walk out of our yard with MY mini AT-AT, but I got that back tonight.

The kid came over to visit with Garrett tonight and there was much talk about trading and so forth, but I put the kibosh on that. Of course, as I'm tucking Garrett into bed, I caught him hiding something behind his back and lo and behold, it's the small Bakugan that Garrett has been coveting for a few days.

Riot acts were read, promises were made and I shall be having a chat with this kid tomorrow and so help me if he swiped one of Garrett's toys after being told specifically not to...

Kids, I tell ya. Kids...

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