Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Junior Scientist Garrett!

Garrett went down to the lab at Erindale today to participate in a study re: children and singing. He seemed to enjoy it and he even received a cool little certificate that proclaims to the world that he is a JUNIOR SCIENTIST!

And then the day got progressively worse from then on.

We swung by the mall to pick up the candy treats he had earned over the past couple of weeks for his responsibility chart (which is working, though it's no magic bullet). While we were there, we popped into the EB and I found a copy of Nintendogs for $15, which is about half the price of every other copy of the game I've ever seen. I had been looking for the game for Garrett to give him something that wasn't Mario or a variation thereof... and that wouldn't require a LOT of reading. So there I was, being the nice daddy and purchasing the game when I turn around at the sound of a loud THUMP.

Garrett had picked up Kara, spun her around and dropped her on her head. Sadly, that was probably the best behaved he was for the rest of the day. The trip to Bulk Barn consisted of him grabbing any loose munchies left on the top of the bins, he managed to flip his sister a second time while at soccer tonight and it was only through sheer force of will on my part (and Julie giving ME a time out) that he doesn't have a room with nothing in it but a bed and a pillow.

It was just a long, long day... for all of us. We ended the day on a positive note, with a brief Nintendogs session to help pick a puppy and teach it to sit. That was also where I felt Garrett got a taste of what I'd been through all day.

"Daddy, my puppy doesn't listen to me at alllllllllll."


Let's just hope that we all get a good night's sleep tonight and wake up happy and grinning like fools tomorrow.

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