Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awkward Question Time!

I tell ya, Garrett has been on a roll lately with his questions. He's also obsessed with learning about the human body which leads to some questions that are either profound or... delicate...

For instance, the theme of many of today's question were along the lines of this gem:

"Daddy, how do people make people?"

"Um... it's a long and involved process. I'll explain more when you're older."

He was kind of sad that he couldn't "see how the blood gets put onto the bones when you're being made". I explained that you couldn't see that part of the construction process because the babies are in their mommy's tummy. Then he wanted to know how babies get out of tummies. I think he's convinced that you're either pooped out or somehow pop out of your mother's belly button. You have to push hard because "babies have lots of bones inside them." Anything that lies under your skin is what is piquing that kid's curiosity of late.

Of course, he also has to try to deconstruct something as simple as Super Mario Bros. He really, REALLY wanted a straight answer about what was in the holes that Mario falls into. He wouldn't accept that you just die when you fall in the hole. SOMETHING is down there killing Mario and Luigi when they fall down. Now I want to know too!

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