Friday, August 28, 2009

Hey! Look Over There!

It has been an interesting time here in Acton with regards to strange sightings. I was pulling into my parking lot today and lo and behold, what's behind me but a horse. A big horse. All brown and horsey-like. Thankfully there was a person on top of the horse to direct it away from my car and back to the track next to us, but still. Not every day you have a horse in your parking lot.

And speaking of things not seen every day, I was driving through Acton yesterday and I spotted a strange car coming around the bend by Shoppers. I had to do a double-take, but yes, Virginia, that WAS the Google Earth Street View Camera Car!

I thought there had been some controversy about privacy or some such nonsense. Now I might find myself on Google Earth in the near future!

This isn't the car that I saw yesterday, but it looked exactly like it.

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