Monday, August 10, 2009


So today was a delightful day with the kids. By which I mean, Kara basically refused to eat all day, did the exact opposite of almost everything I asked her to do and also destroyed another one of her books after a good week of abiding by the terms of her parole (from the library).

Garrett wasn't as bad, though he did end up falling off the top of the playset in the backyard and moaned and groaned until a fudgecicle cured him of his ills. At least he had a legitimate reason to be in a funk.

We also went to the fire hall for our yearly visit and I got to be Sparky The Fire Dog. Of course, I had to do this on the HOTTEST DAY OF THE SUMMER. Even with the A/C blasting in the hall, I was dripping with sweat by the time I took the suit off. The lenses of the mask were fogged up by the time I got to the front of the room and I couldn't see a thing the entire time. Woo.

I'd blame Kara's mood on her traumatic experience with Sparky (she was supposedly shaking with fright the entire time... though a giant dog coupled with the fact that her dad was nowhere to be seen could explain a lot) except she'd already been deep into negative territory on the attitude bar graph before we even made it to the fire hall.

At least I get to go to work tomorrow! It's so hot here I've spent the evening hunkered down in the basement playing the PS2!

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