Saturday, March 14, 2009

VGL: The After Show

I just got back from the Videogames Live show and man oh man... what a phenomenal concert. It was great to hear a live symphony orchestra play so many great pieces of game music and it was a lot of fun to boot. They even played the Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross music, which was their second time ever playing it in concert and it was amazing.

They even had Martin Leung, who played some Super Mario tunes and Final Fantasy music on the piano and was incredible to see. They did the blindfold trick where he plays a rather complex piece with a blindfold on, but if you're as good as he is, you'd better not be looking at the keys when you're playing anyway. That said, it's a good parlour trick :)

Here's a clip from one of the other VGL shows in the past to give an example of what we experienced, box and soldier included...

My only regret is that I've listened to a LOT of arranged game music over the years so it wasn't as fresh as it could have been for someone who has only heard the bleeps and bloops of a Ms. Pac-Man game or the Super Mario theme. It was still great and worth every penny. We're already planning on going again next year if it's back in the area.

Oh, and the YOUTH choir that supported the symphony? My lord, were they ever impressive.

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