Monday, March 09, 2009

Kara: Television Critic

Kara was having a freak-out tonight at bedtime. Nothing was calming her down.

Not stories.

Not hugs.

Not soothing music.


In frustration, I turned on the TV and flipped to Fox so I could see if the Nascar race was on since I wanted to make sure I could watch Simpsons tonight. Instead of Nascar, they were showing Hole In The Wall.

All of the sudden, Kara stopped crying and stared at the TV. She was transfixed by the silly people in silver jumpsuits getting knocked into the pool by a giant wall of styrofoam. Within minutes she was laughing at the TV and then said, "That's funny."

We're getting pretty impressed by her vocabulary of late. She'll just start saying things that are either words we've never heard her use or nearly complete sentences (or at least declarative statements).

Oh, they grow up so fast...

Of course, by watching Hole In The Wall, I got off on a dissertation about how the Japanese versions of these crazy game shows are always better than the Americanized versions, which led to me trying to explain how awesome a North American version of Quiet Library could be if done right. Julie just gave me a funny look and Kara laughed at the people in the pool some more...

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