Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Big March Break Outing #1

Stupid Hamilton.

We went down Hamilton way to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens. Due to the fact that it is nigh impossible to find your way around the rats warren that is the Greater Hamilton Area (coupled with the fact that no street signs seem to exist around the Gardens) we took several wrong turns and ended up at the Hamilton International Airport of all places.

All was not lost. It turns out that right next to the airport is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

We decided to have a look at the planes instead of the bugs today and the kids actually had a blast. We spent some time in the gallery which had lots of models and displays about aviation in wartime.

After that, we went out into the hanger, which blew Garrett's mind.

What I found particularly cool about the museum is the fact that not only do they have this huge hanger full of vintage (and not so vintage) fighters and bombers, the museum also functions as a working restoration workshop, with many of the planes being serviced and restored while on display.

The kids even got to climb into the cockpit of one of the planes, which I think they enjoyed the most of everything we did today.

So there we go. We went from being lost and kind of mad that we couldn't find our intended destination to finding a really interesting museum full of awesome aircraft. They even got to pose in front of a helicopter and check out a cool model of an aircraft carrier!

We're going to head back down Hamilton way tomorrow to try to find the Royal Botanical Gardens. This time I know exactly where I have to go!

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