Tuesday, December 09, 2008

No Pants Tuesday

Kara is really taking NPT to heart.

During the night, she had managed to take off her pyjama pants and diaper and wet the crib. Julie remedied the situation and put her back to bed.

When I got her up this, there she was, naked from the waist down and grinning ear to ear.

After I got her dressed and gave her breakfast, she spent a chunk of the morning taking her pants off, to the point that I had to put her snow pants on to ensure that she couldn't disrobe.

This evening when she came home from the sitter's house, I was sitting in my chair when she walked next to me, gave me a sly grin and proceeded to pull down her pants. This resulted in a 5 minute Keystone Kops-esque chase around the kitchen with her laughing her head off while I tried to corner her and get the pants back on before the diaper came off...

Ah, good times. As long as she gets it out of her system now as opposed to in college, I'm happy.

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