Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing A Few Brown Notes

So today has been a pretty crappy day, literally, both for the parents and the kids around here.

I went upstairs pretty late last night, as I got too much sleep the night before and was wide awake at 1:30. I decided to poke my head in to see if Kara was ok, as I could smell something stinky when I came upstairs.

Let's just say this. Imagine Kara, all sweet and innocent, curled up on her side fast asleep. Now add to this serene setting a lack of pants or diaper and what was essentially a shotgun blast of poo extending from her butt, across the sheets and against the back wall of her room. Amazingly, there wasn't much on Kara proper, but it took a combined effort to sterilize the room and Julie & I were up waaaaay too late.

This morning Kara managed to go through about 4 diapers in less than 10 minutes due to her constant eruptions. Things seem to be settled now, but I'm exhausted and still getting over the tail end of this cold, which has migrated to my chest. I'm just waiting for her to conk out now. Oh please, let her conk out...

I will say that I had to fight the urge to take a picture of her last night to keep in my First Date Photo Album Of Shame. Or to put up at her wedding.

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