Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Look Around You!

I think I might have singlehandedly set Garrett's education back several years this afternoon.

We were doing a bit of reading together after he came home and he asked me why I wasn't feeling good. I told him that I got the germs from him and his sister last week. Of course, Garrett wants to see what a germ looks like, so I trundle him down to the computer and look around.

A quick search turned up what I thought was a reputable series of educational short films from the 1970s. They held up ok until the "Germs originated in Germany" line. Then they just got silly.

We ended up watching one about ghosts and one about water, which is probably my favourite so far. I think I'm going to spend the night in bed with the laptop, 'learning'.

But I pity Garrett if he tries to apply what he learned about ant igloos out in the real world.

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