Friday, May 15, 2009

When Mommy's Home, Work Gets Done

Julie took the day off work today and that meant I had to actually be productive with my time instead of frittering it away saving the galaxy.

According to Julie, Kara wanted to go shopping with Daddy today, so we all piled into the car and headed down to Milton. We actually got a lot of stuff that will make this summer a much more enjoyable summer.

First off, we have barely been able to use our backyard for the past 4 years due to our idiotic neighbours cutting down the lovely shade tree that used to keep our yard cool during the hot days of July and August. Since the house faces East/West, the backyard gets the brunt of the sun during the day and it gets pretty toasty on those warmer days in the summer.

So may I present a contrast between before:

and after:

That gazebo will really help keep our yard cool. We're going to get a new patio set soon as most of our plastic chairs are broken and the table has seen better days.

We also picked up a bug zapper so that we can actually enjoy the backyard. They tried to sell us on some souped-up citronella candles but I insisted on the thing that will let me hear them go ka-pop.

So yeah, it was a good, productive day off and on top of all that, we also got a new push mower, so I can cut the yard without spending 3/4s of my time fighting with the rusted, dull blades.

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