Sunday, May 31, 2009

Let's All Go To The Movies...

Well, I survived my double yesterday. I went in at 3pm and came home at 7am today. Yawn.

The nice thing about overnights is that you can watch a bunch of movies when everyone is sleeping. I watched Casablanca from start to finish for the very first time and saw a very surreal collection of CGI shorts which I couldn't stop watching.

We had been planning to go see UP in 3D in Guelph for a few weeks and once I woke up, we loaded up the family, picked up some friends and headed off to the theatre.

Unfortunately, I forgot that you really shouldn't try to see a Pixar movie, especially their first 3D one, on opening weekend. By the time we made it to the theatre, the show was sold out and we had a teary Garrett to console on the way back to the car. Kara was pretty happy to have been to the movie theatre, even if she didn't actually see a movie.

All was not lost though. We've purchased tickets online for the 5pm show in Milton and are going to head out soon. I must set a record for most number of movies watched in one day!

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