Monday, May 18, 2009

Best May 24 Monday Ever

I wouldn't say it's the best May 24 weekend ever, as I was working evenings this weekend (and it has been a LONG time since I did an evening shift on the weekend) and when I wasn't working, Julie was putting me to work. That said, it looks like Monday will be a great day, both weatherwise and otherwise.

This morning, after church, we stopped at WalMart and picked up the patio set we had our eye on while we were out on Friday. I think it took me less time to load it in the car, drive it home and assemble it than it did for the moron at the store to find it for us. The best (or worst) thing was that he took a good 10-15 minutes to find the set in the back warehouse and then came back to ask us if we wanted it. Sigh. At least it didn't take him as long to go back and actually bring it out.

As for Monday, I'm going out to see Star Trek in the afternoon while Julie takes the kids to visit her family in Kitchener. AND there are new episodes of Phineas & Ferb airing tomorrow. You have no idea how happy that makes me, if only to have something new in the mix.

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