Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Busting Out The Short Leash

So I came downstairs this morning at around 8:20 or so to find the front door wide open and nary a kid in sight. Now, they had been there moments before and Garrett had been yammering something about going to the bus stop, but he knows better than to just head on out the door by himself.

Or so I thought.

Moments later, I was heading out the door and down the sidewalk in bare feet and waaaay down the sidewalk I could see Kara in her PJ's and bright pink rubber boots. She was almost at the park where the school bus picks up Garrett. Suffice it to say, Garrett and Kara were corralled and marched straight back to the house, whereupon riot acts were read and consequences were handed out. Garrett lost TV for the day (and so did Kara, sort of) and he knows exactly why walking out of the front door with no Mommy or Daddy is verboten.

He didn't really like it this evening when I came back from getting the car from the shop (Did I mention I needed to get the brakes done today too? Yeah...) to find him watching a movie. Off went the TV and on went the tears. Oh well.

So yeah. Kids. What can you do? Kara and I did have fun playing outside most of the morning (we even took the new kite out for a spin, only to have the city start mowing the soccer field we were at) and we all had fun in our back yard this evening after supper.

Now to go to bed. I'm tired.

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