Saturday, November 29, 2008

We Have Power!

I know it has been a little slow around here of late. I was busy with work last week and when I've been home and conscious, I've either been trying to play some games, read some books or take care of sick kids. Yeah, the kids are sick again. Kara is oozing stuff from her eyes (which seems to be a biweekly event at this point) and Garrett is on Flovent to see if that helps his eternal cough go away. Other than that, they're doing fine and they DON'T have the flu, so that's nice.

We have some good news on the construction front. Thursday saw the electrician paying us a visit and replacing our awful fuse box with a state-of-the-art breaker panel. Hallelujah! We have now entered the 1980's!

We're slated to have the electrical work done on the basement (wiring up lights, outlets and speaker/ethernet plugs) on Monday, so we're pretty excited. Once that work is done, the contractor can start doing the insulation and drywall and that means we might have a basement we can use in the next week or two! Hooray!

Other than that, we're just about done Christmas shopping!

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