Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pics Coming

Woah. I just realized that I haven't updated this thing since Tuesday. On the upside, I'm almost over this flu. I hope I'll wake up tomorrow feeling right as rain. Unfortunately, I'm currently feeling like my kidneys want to burst out of my back. I think I might have drank a bit too much water, tea and other liquids this week. I did lose at least 5 pounds though! Yay!

On another positive note, the basement is coming along splendidly. Most of the studs are up and it actually looks like it will be a place with rooms and whatnot. Hooray. The electrician is coming later this week to do the wiring and also replace our musty old fuse box with a breaker panel. Huzzah!

After that, it'll basically be a matter of getting an inspection or three done on the insulation and what have you and then the contractor can close up the walls, lay the flooring and paint and we'll be done! Yay!

Like I said, I have a pile of pictures to upload tomorrow and I'll start to post the best ones so people can see the chronology of this little endeavour.

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