Thursday, November 20, 2008

Basement Progress... Of Sorts

I apologize profusely for the delays on the pictures. Here are a few to show what has been done in the basement over the last while.

Day... I don't know. After much fidoodling, we were finally able to close up the plumbing.

Same day as before: Here is a good view of the basement now that the subfloor is down.

The next day: Behold the power of steel studs!

Much like taking a course on robotic husbandry, you can't finish a basement without lots of steel studs.
(I'll let you mull that over.)

And that's essentially where we're at right now. There area few more studs and they've framed in chunks of the ceiling, but it looks essentially the same as what you see here.

We're hoping that the electrician will be in early next week to do the wiring and once that happens, they can put the insulation in, get the inspections done and start putting the drywall up and laying the flooring. It's all basically hinging on the electrician now.

It'll be worth it when it's done. It'll be worth it when it's done...

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