Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Sick PLUS Reno News!

Like the headline says, I'm still sick from this flu/ebola outbreak around our place. I didn't sleep very well last night and between that and Garrett crying in his sleep for some unknown reason for most of the night (he never did tell us why he was crying) and Kara being a little cranky, well, poor Julie didn't get much sleep either.

I will say that I've been feeling better today than I was yesterday, though this near migraine level headache is really driving me batty. At least I've been able to keep some food down today and I'm feeling a little more like a 75 year old with arthritis than the 90 year old I felt like yesterday.

And there's another cause for celebration around here. The renovations are back on track! We passed the plumbing inspection last week (yay) and the contractors have laid most of the subflooring in the basement. I think they'll be starting to put up the studding for the walls tomorrow if all goes well.

Edit: Heh. It seems as though this flu is hitting people all over the place. Bill Harris at Dubious Quality seems to have the exact symptoms I had yesterday.

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