Monday, March 31, 2008

Save Me From The Workday!

The rumours are true. My vacation starts today.

What's that? You hear that I'm going back to work today? Well, that's true. I meant that my vacation from the kids starts today :)

I've had lots of fun with the kids over the past three months but the frightening thing is that I kind of miss going to work and being involved in the zaniness that pervades the group home (and adult conversation... I miss adult conversation that doesn't involve babies or baby related topics).

I'm interested to see what has gone on while I've been away (probably a lot) and what has changed (probably not very much).

Today should be an interesting day as it will be Kara's first day at the babysitter's with no Mommy or Daddy around. But Garrett will be there, so I'm sure she'll adjust.

About the only thing that I wish I'd been able to do before going back to work was to read a few more books and finish Lost Odyssey. I was hoping to wrap up Lost Odyssey last night but I was too busy trying to wrap up a bunch of the sidequests over the past two nights. The upside is that I'm going to end up finishing this JRPG with almost 100% completion, which is a rarity for me when I play JRPGs. If you've got a 360 and liked games like Final Fantasy, you should do yourself a favour and play Lost Odyssey!

I also hoped to finish Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, but while I didn't, I came pretty close. I'll probably wrap it up over the next evening or two.

But I digress.

I'll probably end up spending my whole first shift just reading 3 months worth of communication book entries :P

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