Monday, March 17, 2008

Bell Good? Hulk No Smash? Oh Well...

Just a little update on my stupid Bell situation. It turned out that we were getting the long distance plan for the $9.95 that was quoted to us. It's just that due to the rather byzantine way that the Bell is laid out and the fact that some of the info, like the fact we get $5 off of the bill due to bundling, is not shown on the e-bill, it looked like we were paying more than we should when in reality everything was fine.

That little tidbit out of the way, I went on to talk to someone in the Internet department about the $20 activation fee on our bill. I was all ready to get my CSR stomping boots on and dance an Irish jig on some poor sap when they came onto the phone and said, "Oh, that activation fee shouldn't be on there. You've been credited the amount on your next bill."

I was kind of disappointed that everything went so smoothly. Ah well. It was nice to not have to play mind games with the reps, even if they did try to upsell me on call display while I was talking to them.

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