Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's Still Worth The Drive To Acton

After swimming today, Garrett & I stopped in at that most venerable of Acton institutions, Tim Horton's.

But before we did that, we stopped at The Olde Hide House... or The Hide House... or The "We Used To Sell Leather Before We Went Bankrupt" House. I picked up a new pair of leather gloves for next winter and had a look at some of the furniture. It's sad that a leather chair, even with the cheaper price and 40% discount, will still cost upwards of $800-1200. Yeesh.

I asked about what the status of the store is and the word is that they are definately closing the Toronto and Vaughn stores and depending on how the sales go over the next 6 weeks, they'll hopefully reopen the Acton store with a smaller selection. Oh well. If you're looking for a new leather coat, they're on sale for 40-60% off, but they're still pretty pricey.

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